Friday, September 02, 2011

Ginger and Inflammation

Recently I have been noticing that I have been having a little swelling of my left knee and sometimes the ankle. It almost gives me a cankle! Who wants that?? I have been keeping it raised and that helps but I have been wondering the cause.

As a result I have been exploring natural anti-inflammatory foods. Foods that will naturally reduce inflammation in the body. From reading that is one of the most common ailments we all have and it leads to many bad things. There are many common things that will help. Some are garlic, beets, ginger, green tea, ginger, sweet potatoes, berries, curry„ cinnamon..just to name a few.

About a week ago I did buy some ginger root and it has been sitting in the fridge. Well last night I broke it out and cut off about a dime size piece and ate it. I like the taste of ginger. Pungent and strong when eating it fresh. I was unable to swallow the piece, so I just chewed and chewed till all the flavor was gone. I followed that with a hot cup of green tea and this morning, the swelling in my left foot and ankle is MUCH reduced.

Reduces Inflammation

Ginger inhibits the metabolism of arachidonic acid, a fatty acid that produces inflammation in the body. Health-care practitioners often prescribe ginger for inflammatory joint diseases such as arthritis. In a study reported in the “Indian Journal of Rheumatology,” scientists compared the effectiveness of indomethacin, a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, to ginger in 52 participants with osteoarthritis of the knee. The study concluded that ginger is as effective as indomethacin, and may be an option for patients who currently take anti-inflammatory drugs to control their pain.

I do believe I will be taking a closer look at what I eat and the benefits of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory foods. Ginger has many benefits. I have known that it has been used in the middle east and Asia for centuries. I have know that it was a digestive aid and have used it as such before. I was not really aware of the benefits for reducing inflammation.

I feel enlightened! Knowledge IS power!

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