Friday, September 02, 2011

Buy Scrubs Online

My child works at a vet clinic and has to wear scrubs to work. So far we have visited about 3 local places to find a variety. We had been to Walmart and 2 uniform stores. The place with the best prices if Walmart. The place with the best variety are the uniform stores. It seems those two things cannot be found together where I am. I want good prices and variety all in ONE place.

She has worked at the vet clinic for over a year now and loves it. But her scrubs are now showing signs of wear and tear. She has come home on two separate occasions with bleach stains on her black scrub pants. Now, that is NEVER going to come out. They are ruined. She still wears them but they do not look new anymore.

I have recently discovered this site for scrubs on line. Please check it out: . They have variety and great pricing all in one place!! Yeah! Blue Sky began because a young resident did not want to wear an ill fitting hat in the OR, so she designed her own. Her hat has grown into a full line of products that are of high quality, affordable and comfortable. There are scrubs for men, women and if you want custom made scrubs just for you...well you can have that too!

Something which looks new to me are the urban scrubs. They are professional but have a casual, urban air. I think mu daughter would like those. Something else I have never really considered is scrubs for kids. There is an entire collection for kids that can be used for play but are still comfortable for them.

I would definitely consider the option to buy scrubs online . The ease of being to do it from the comfort of my home is appealing. The pricing and the variety of what is available on the site is great and there are even some items on sale! Another great thing about Blue Sky Scrubs is that they are paying it forward. As purchases are made, they will ship a free hat to a cancer patient or a paying customer as part of a program called, Project Blue Sky. It is their effort to give back to others.

If there happens to be any issues with your order, there is a 90 day exchange policy and a guarantee that is focused on customer satisfaction. I will be passing this link on to my child so that we can look at some of the options available for her. I know she will just love some of the colors and styles on the site!

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Gwen said...

This is a great site. So many sites for discount scrubs online are now offering free shipping on all orders and custom sizing as well as variety in styles, colors and patterns.