Friday, September 02, 2011

Coming to Town

Coming to Town

This guest post from Doris Dillon

Recently, I just found out that my father will be coming into town for a couple of weeks. Normally, I would be very excited about this because my dad and I get along so well but I really have so much going on with work right now that I don’t have time. My boss just promoted me and put me in charge of one of the largest projects in the company and I honestly believe I’ve been working 60-hour weeks. Personally, the promotion has been a double edge sword because I got to move up in the company at such a young age but I don’t really have time for my family and friends at the moment. I really hope my dad can understand the fact that I won’t have much time to hang out with him while he’s here because I can’t really take off and just drive around all day making small talk like we use. Living in the city is difficult to keep up with all the expenses of rent and utilities. Thankfully, a friend of mine sent me this link a couple of weeks ago and now at least I have fixed energy costs and that’s one thing I have to worry about.

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