Monday, June 04, 2012

Dental Choices: Redmond Way

When you are small and still with your parents, you really do not have a choice when it comes to medical doctors or dentists. When we get older we can make out own choices, as in the decision to use Redmond Dentist.  If you live in the Redmond area, selecting this provider is really a great choice to consider.  They believe that there is a direct link between oral care and general health of the body.  The professional staff there provides state of the art dental care in a family oriented environment. They are also a "one stop" dentistry office as they can provide solutions to cosmetic, general and family dentistry in one location.

Dr. James Hogg has over twenty years of experience and ensures quality care by establishing strong patient relationships.  He focuses on your individual needs and has an office that can treat the entire family.  Just a few of the services his office provides ranges from emergency services, crowns and fillings to teeth whitening and veneers.  And that is just a few.  For more information in services or even taking a virtual office tour, Click Here, for that. State of the art technology makes this office on the cutting edge of dental care.

The office is even open on Saturdays. That works for families with parents who work during the week.  Redmond Way Dentistry is open on Saturdays and Fridays too!  So call for an appointment.  One other feature that adds to the convenience of using this office is that the new patient forms are on line.  You can  download them and complete in advance and bring with you to your appointment. That saves time for all involved.

Some people are born with perfect teeth.  Other are not.  If you want the perfect smile, it begins with good dental care, checking and cleaning.  Our smile can be our best feature, so if you want to perfect your smile or simply maintain it, be sure to consider Redmond Way Dentistry.  You can contact them at the information here:
Redmond Way Dentistry

15946 Redmond Way #106

Redmond, WA 98052

(425) 898-2168

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