Sunday, November 30, 2008

Gear for the Peacekeepers

Whether you are on your local police force or in the military, you too are in need of nice gear for the job. I used to be in a program in my college days that was geared to getting students to join the police academy. I used to be in uniform while in this program, but it was all standard issue. I looked just like the REAL officers on the street. Everything was provided by the city. These days I guess there is much more diversity and you can actually buy your own stuff to wear. I guess this would depend on the job or division you were in.

If you have this freedom, the be sure to check out 5.11 Tactical Pants. They have clothing and accessories that will actually enhance the effectiveness of people in law enforcement or the military. After checking the site, the military and government have actually been using these goods for the past 20 years so they are tried and true. They even have some sales going on now. Just in time for Black Friday weekend shopping. If you buy any two clothing items, shipping is free and they will give a free hat. If your purchase is over $125.00, more free gifts come your way...a travel mug. That is a bargain. A lot of things are on sale and their is even a clearance section. That is my kind of shopping!

Need new things for your peacekeeping honey? Be sure to check out 5.11 Tactical Pants. You just might be able to fill his stocking with useful things!


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