Sunday, November 30, 2008

Black Grapes

I was in Costco last week and got a carton of black grapes. They were great! Juicy and meaty. After checking them out I realized they had more health benefits than I realized. I know that all the purple foods have the most antioxidants, but I did not realize that eating then in mass quantities could cure ailments. I plan to eat more black grapes because heart disease runs on my fathers side of the family. He actually died in a year after having a pace maker put in. On my mother's side there is cancer. So I truly believe we are what we eat. Eating better is the key to longevity. So for me, more fiber is key!

Used as a supplement or an alternative to medicine, and eaten in a therapeutic dose, raw fresh grapes aid in the treatment and prevention of many disorders:
Arthritis—eating exclusively 2-3 pounds of black grapes for 1-5 days will provide amazing therapeutic relief, depending on severity of symptoms
Heart Disease—experimenters in the Soviet Union have shown that eating nothing but 1-3 pounds of black grapes for 5-7 days has a detoxifying effect on the muscles and valves of the heart and also purifies and balances the bloodstream
Prostrate disorders—exclusively for 1-3 days at 1-3 pounds
Menstrual disorders—exclusively for 1-5 days at 1-3 pounds
Cancer—2-4 pounds of grapes a day for a week to a month will help detoxify all tissues and organs in the body, and restore organic integrity to starved cells when used solely for a prolonged period of time

Full article here: Prevention through Nutrition: Black Grapes

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