Wednesday, May 07, 2008

It Started Good...

Well, today started off very well.  I left home with 2 apples for breakfast and a small jar of caramel.  That was to be my great breakfast.  I had one apple and began to get kind of full.  Then low and behold, one of the managers from next door brought in egg mcmuffins for all.  I had one.  The calories from one of those is 370.  That is an entire meal.  I did not look any furthur to see the fat content.  Boy was it good.  Normally I do not eat them.  I am not a fan of english muffins.  It sure was good today.  The poached egg was especially good.  I do not think I have had an egg in a month.  That was why it was so sinfully good.

Now I am filling up on water.  I did bring a microwave dinner for lunch.  And I have the 2nd apple and a little more caramel.  Back on track I am.

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