Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Bad Sushi

Have you ever had a bout with bad sushi?  Last week I did.  I was in the grocery store one moenign about 7am and decided that I would get fresh sushi for lunch. I love sushi and in all the years I have been eating it, never had a bad piece.  There was an interesting squid tentacle salad with bamboo shoots made up also.  I got that with my normal platter of california rolls, tuna and shrimp and went to work. 

I was in seventh heaven when I ate lunch.  The squid salad was devine and so was the sushi.  I felt a slight queasiness about 40 minutes after eating.  It was slight and I was fine after that.  About 2 hours later I had a lemon and ginger tea cookie....maybe about three of them.  Then the heaving, rolling and churning of my stomach really began.  I guess it was all that exotic sushi and the lemon ginger together.  Not a good combo. 

I began to drink water, lots of it, hoping to push it all down.  Needless to say I began to feel that feeling that I needed to keep swallowing and I knew it was time to get up from my desk and sprint to the bathroom.  Why is the office bathroom so far away and locked with a key that you have to sign out.  By the time I got to the hall, I only had a few seconds to open the door and get in.

Projectile.  That is the only word to describe what happened.  Needless to say better was the only word I felt after.  Needless to day I have not even wanted to THINK about any sushi or lemon ginger english tea biscuits in combination or by themselves.  Just won't go there for a very long time.


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