Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sand Castles

Did you like to Build A Sandcastle when you were a kid on those hot summer days at the beach? I did. I came from a beach town so it was a weekly trek to the beach. It was our place to go and we loved to build brother and I. Now you can build virtual sand castles with the link above. It was easy. Really. Your children can do it. Just select your beach, parts, beach animals and equipment and you are ready to go. Just arrange in the pattern of your choice. Use the virtual crayons to color them and bing, bang boom! You can have a sand castle just like My Sandcastle .

And while you are there making sandcastles, check out Beaches, the Family all inclusive resort. The fact that everything is included in your vacation takes the worry out of needing extra money for extra events. Planning is a breeze. And what is included is mind blowing. Premium drinks, hurricane insurance, hotel taxes, and tips. When are tips ever included?!

These vacations are for families and have some of the best accommodations at the best beaches in the Caribbean. To get started, you just check the dates and resort of your choosing for availability, get a quote and you are on your way to that fabulous beach vacation. Instead of making a virtual beach card, you get to be the beach card literally! This company has perfected the all inclusive idea so well that they have repeat satisfied customers and are leaders among their peers in the travel industry. Ready to go way back to your childhood? Well get on like and book that beach vacation. Be sure you build a card first. It will get you in the beach vacation mood.

You can chase a butterfly all over the field and never catch it. But if you sit quietly in the grass it will come and sit on your shoulder.

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