Monday, January 29, 2007

Next Lowest Round Number

I got on the scale today and I have lost a total of 10 pounds.  I am now at 230.  God that is an awful number but it is slowly and surely getting lower. That is a good thing.  (I love using these different fonts.)  I know it might be hard to read but it is just sometimes for fun.   I have been thinking about posting a picture but still cant decide.  I dont know.  What stays in my head is that I am thinking about food all the time.  Not wanting to eat it, but not wanting to eat it.  Calories, how much is in each thing.   I went to lunch with some church members on yesterday and had a great salad.  There was free ice cream with the salad bar and the friends with me said they all were going to get a cone.  I did not discuss anything about getting it or even talk about it.  Then all of a sudden, all were asking me if I was going to get a cone.  I said no.  I was trying to be good.  Well, the all said it was just a little cone.  I could get one.  Well, I bowed into the pressure and got a very small cone of just vanilla ice cream.  It was okay.  I savored it as I vowed it would be a very long time before I had it again.  

I can see how easy it is for friends to sabotage a diet.  They may not mean it..well I am not so sure.  I can see it is very easy.  For me I will have to avoid bowing to the pressure of eating things I do not want to eat.   I have a goal   See the swimsuit below.  I am still aiming for that this summer.   

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