Monday, January 29, 2007

The Hot Sauce Diet

I saw a blurb about this on the news last week, about the Hot Sauce Diet.  Eating hot sauce can assist in loosing weight.  I am not too sure about this one as I can barely make through an order of hot wings. This below, drinking hot sauce whenever he wanted a donut, sounds like some sort of bad torture.  If I can barely make it through an order hot mild hot wings, how will I ever be able to drink up some hot sauce.  The bad thing is that I like the taste of hot sauce.  But it does not like me.  I get terrible indigestion and most of the time need an antacid. 

I remember once I got a packet of hot sauce from Bo-jangles and put it to my mouth to rip open the plastic.  Just a drop of two got on my tongue and I swallowed.  I had such an ill effect from that.  I was up half the night burping with ingestion and that was from a few drops of undiluted hot sauce.  I like sauce and would love to be able to eat all sorts of hot things.  I guess I could eat a little and try to build up a tolerance.  It would really take some time. 

I will never forget the time my brother got into a contest with one of his high school buddies in a jalapeño eating contest.  He ate so many in such a short period of time he got some weird case of uncontrollable hiccups.  I got scared because he could not stop them and had no way to control them.  They stopped after an hour.  We were all ready to take him to the emergency room.  That was a scary thing.  Needless to say he has not done that again.  If hot sauce is your thing, then be sure to check out the hot sauce diet.            

Dr. Spiro Antoniades, an orthopedic surgeon from Mercy Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland, came up with the idea to down a shot of hot sauce every time he got a craving for something unhealthy, like doughnuts or cookies. After a while, he had punished himself to the point that those goodies just didn't seem very appetizing anymore. And guess what? His plan worked. Antoniades slimmed down in less than a year. Today he's a health nut, runs every day and watches his food intake, all because of a little bottle of heat. So many of his colleagues asked about the diet that he's actually published a book. There's no science to it. It's really simple behavior modification. 

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