Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Bar Sinks Revisited

For this post I had to go way back...way back to college. I was forced to remember a crazy night at the fraternity house. I was a little sister to a fraternity in college and while everyone else was getting intoxicated, I watched. I would have the occasional beer but that was all. I never got drunk. I was not into that, so normally I was the designated driver for all my friends for most of the four years at college. It got a little old being the driver all the time, but at least I was the one behind the wheel. I certainly was not going to get behind the wheel with them!

I recall one night in the main living room some girl decided that she needed to dance on the bar. The frat house had a long wooden bar in it that was used for eating and at times as a bar during parties. One of the brothers would mix drinks and hand them out. The girl dancing was not really drunk but just tipsy. Then another girl when up and I decided that this would most likely be the only opportunity in my entire life that I would have to dance on a bar so up I went. I was not drunk at all. I just wanted to dance on the be able to say I had done that in my life.

As it turns out it has been the only time in my life I have ever done that so on the few occasions that I relive college years and tell that story all are shocked and dismayed! Me? On a bar? have to do things at least once. That old wooden bar probably had a lot of college girls dancing on top of it before and many after me. I am sure they were intoxicated when they did it.

I am sure that old wooden bar has a history. The one thing I do recall was that there was not a bar sink. The house itself was old and I am sure that when it was built or that bar put in, bar sinks was not even an issue for college kids. I remember there was ice to be hauled from the kitchen and dirty glasses piling up in the kitchen as well. Today, not the case. With the modernization we have today, a bar without a bar sink is just about unheard of. I really like this one, the Moen self rimming model. Very elegant. At you will find many options for bar sinks ranging from Moen to Kohler to Bates & Bates just to name a few.

Prices are economical and competitive. Customer satisfaction at is important so they are willing to match the price of an online competitor to keep you happy. Service is key as well and their staff is available every step of the way, from the sale to the installation. You can't beat that. Delivery is quick as well. Most items leave the distribution center within two business days. So, if you are thinking of putting in a bar or redoing your den to include a bar, don't forget the bar sink! Every style, color, shape and price can be accomodated at!


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