Friday, September 28, 2007

Air Ambulances

It is good to know that air ambulance services are available. I know there is a need for it, even without me knowing all the details about it. I think of all the vast open space still left in America that are places that people go and really get hurt. Hikers and climbers and cave explorers who get in trouble. The only way to reach some of these people in a rescue is by helicopter.

Air Ambulances are fully staffed with trained professional doctors and nurses and have the best in medical equipment. They are approved by the FAA for life support and the equipment carried. The services provided by them are from basic care to the most critical care needed. The typical experience is that the staff on board consults with your won family doctor and will pick up an ill person from home, hospital and take them to the airport to board the ambulance. They will be tended to by an air ambulance nurse throughout the flight. Once on the ground the patient will be transported to waiting ground transportation and delivered to the receiving location.

The company has been around since 1984 and is stationed in Florida. They provide services all around the world. They have a perfect safety record and due to their excellence in service, they are not having lots of repeat customers. They planes include several different types and models: Lear Jets 55, 36, 35, and 25, Turbo Props and Twin engine planes. With the international travel, they actually deal with the consulates of other countries to be sure there is smooth sailing into and out of varying countries.

If need be they can even provide a nurse to travel on a regular commercial flight with a patient. That helps save some of the cost spent on the Air Ambulance ride. This would only be available to those who are stable enough medically to travel on a commercial flight. This is a great service. It is definitely needed. With the ability to coordinate from bedside to bedside, they ensure the smoothest trip possible. They have gained the trust of hospitals worldwide due to the experienced staff and quality medical care provided. This seems like an option that most will not thin about right away, but it certainly is good to know that it is our there if and when it is needed.


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