Thursday, May 10, 2007

The 22lb Croaker

Yup. Let me tell you about the time I caught my 22lb croaker. It was a bright sunny afternoon and I was in the same pond that I have fished for the past 10 years. It was the same one my daddy used to fish in. He lived his whole life trying to catch that croaker. We called her Bessie. She was a big old' heffer of a croaker. Well, all that morning I had only caught turtle. Turtle after turtle after turtle. They were forever taking Bessie's bait. I knew that I was going to wear her out that day. She was throwing up turtles to throw me off.

I was on my game and so was Raymarine . A buddy of mine came by and he said he was trying to catch my croaker too. Well he looked like he had just bought out the store. He had gadgets and gizmos and all sorts of things. I asked what all he had. He was a city fella and said that the only way to get that 20lb croaker was the citified, scientific way. He looked at my cane pole and I looked at his rod with the fancy dancy reel.

He pulled out a compass. He pulled out a chart plotter. He pulled out a depth finder and a radar. He informed me he would find old Bessie in just a little bit. He even pulled out a GSP. I asked him if he picked out all that stuff. He said no. The great staff at Raymarine helped him and even sold some of those things at a discount price. I just looked. He worked his gadgets and gizmos. I tried to peek over at the names on all that stuff. I saw names like Astron, Garmin and Standard Horizon. Yep. They was good products. Good quality stuff from good companies.

I began to wonder if he would catch old Bessie before me. But just for a moment. Ole Bessie don't know nothing about them gizmo's. She only knows what is at the end of a hook. I had several nibbles, caught a few more turtles. So did that city fella. He caught some turtle too. All of a sudden his line got tight like something big was on it. He looked at his radar and said he had a big one. Could it be Bessie, My croaker...the croaker my daddy tried all his life to catch? It was. She jumped into the air and snapped his line. Back into the depths she went. But my line was ready. I felt a nibble, then a bite, then a big hit. I had her. That croaker was mine! After a 30 minute fight , I wore her out and hauled her into shore. I had my croaker and I know my daddy was proud.

Old cityboy congratulated me on my catch. I thanked him. I looked at all his gadgets and thought there might be something to that. In the course of the day he had told me it was his first time fishing for her and he had found Bessie and almost caught her in a day. I had been searching for her for 10 years. He packed up his stuff and went home. I packed up my cane pole and got in my truck and headed home. I needed to check out Raymarine. Surely they would have useful items not just for the man who is fishing just on the weekends. They would have items for me who had been angling my whole life. I could surely benefit from using some quality gadgets as well.

Ipulled up the site and dicovered all sorts of things and not just for fishing! They even have things for hunting and camping. They took plastic and told me that if I even had any problems to call as they wanted to be sure that using their site was easy. I must say that fishing does not have to be as hard as it is. Raymarine can make things just a little easier. They have a goal to make fishing fun!

You can chase a butterfly all over the field and never catch it. But if you sit quietly in the grass it will come and sit on your shoulder.

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