Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Hot Fun in the Summertime

Summer is just around the corner and so is sunburn. I remember when I was a kid, I never wore any sunscreen. Now as an adult I understand that it is very important. I do use it now. I tend to burn now. When I was younger I did not. I love to go to the beach alone and sit all day under an umbrella with a book. That is my perfect day. Now I have not always used sunscreen when I was under the umbrella but the thing ignored is that the sun can reflect off the water, so I was still getting those rays.

I normally used the drug store brand.. nothing special. I had never considered Organic Sunscreen. The sunscreens available on Skincare-MD are way better than the drug store variety. In regards to protection, they far exceed anything out there that just meets the AAD recommendations. The site is tried and true as it had been around since 1998 and is run by a qualified doctor. It also has a lot of resource information and articles on anything you can imagine related to skin care. Take for example this infor on summer sun and this on one of the results of too much sun, the crinkled neck. We only have one skin and it has to last our whole life. It only takes a few minutes to protect skin from the harmful effects of summer sun. Use sunscreen and check out the site for invaluable information regarding the health of our skin.


You can chase a butterfly all over the field and never catch it. But if you sit quietly in the grass it will come and sit on your shoulder.

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