Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Pocket Bikes

Pocket bikes or mini bikes are the latest crazy. I must admit that I did not know too much about this sport until now. I guess this would also be in some catagory of extreme sporting. The Pocket Bike Forum is the place to go for all your minibike information. If you are new to the sport of have questions, be sure to visit the general pocketbike discussion thread. There you will all sort of questions answered ranging from where you can buy a bike to how to fix cracked fairings.

There are some other basic information threads that are vital as a resource for the person interested in these minibikes. If you have concerns about gear, all those questions will be answered. If you are in question as to what color to paint your bike and what others are doing as far as painting their bikes, then do not miss the paint and design thread. The site itself is free to register. Please sign up because there are some pages you cannot get to until you are a registered member.

Have you weighed in on the debate of air cooled pocketbikes verses water cooled pocketbikes? Check the forums on both of those. Make your own decision as to which is better. The love of pocketbikes is not limited to the states. You can get information about the International Racing Associations, the National American Racing Associates and the American Racing Associations. The Pocket Bike Forums really is a resource. It is a place to network and form connections with others involved in the sport of pocketbikes. Be sure to add this page to your favorites so that you can quickly visit again.


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