Saturday, February 03, 2007

Are You Ready For Some Football?

While most of the world is, I have to say I am not. I have been invited to a superbowl party on tomorrow. I hate sports on TV, so I never watch football or basketball or any sport for that matter. I am being forced to go. I was told to come just for the fellowship. After being given an invitation by hand an d told to come numerous times by the hostess, I guess I am going. I just hope I can stay awake. I have been very sleep deprived recently. I could fall asleep at the drop of a hat. I think I will have to do to bed early tonight, just to be able to smile and socialize on tomorrow. As tired as I am that bed will feel good.

This is me and football...a totally alien connection!

You can chase a butterfly all over the field and never catch it. But if you sit quietly in the grass it will come and sit on your shoulder.

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