Monday, January 08, 2007

Buffalo Burgers

So far so good. I had buffalo burgers for dinner last night. I even like the taste of them better than hamburger. They were good! I did do something I was not supposed to do. I had a snack package of 6 oreo cookies. As I ate them I knew I should not, but they tasted so good. The chewing part was the best. With the juicer and having some meals as a "juice meal," I have begun to miss chewing. It was good to chew the oreos.

Back to juice today. Here are some facts on the benefits of buffalo. It is healthier than beef!

Buffalo meat has a rich, beef-like taste. Being lower in cholesterol and calories yet higher in iron and protein makes buffalo a perfect beef substitute for the health-conscious, or those on restricted red meat diets. In fact, buffalo has less cholesterol than chicken with the skin removed or even most fish!
    Important differences when compared to beef include:
  1. 70% to 90% less fat (depending upon the cut of the meat.)
  2. An average if 50% less cholesterol.
  3. 30% higher in protein and less calories.
  4. No growth-inducing hormones or steroids.
  5. No known human allergies.
  6. Higher in Iron (great for Women)
  7. No Problems with E-Coli in Buffalo

I bought my buffalo at the grocery store. I was surprised to see it in there! There are several places on line to get it, as well. Check it out. Buffalo is worth it. You will not be dissappointed!

Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat

Bison Ridge Ranch

Burger's Smokehouse

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