Wednesday, January 03, 2007

2007: A New Beginning!

Well, it is a new year and it is a new day. Last year I have no discipline at all. This year I feel a new focus within me. It seems like food is constantly on my mind. Not that I should eat, but what I am eating or what I should eat or not eat. Whenever I look into the refrigerator I see lots of food, but it is food that I do not want to eat. Food seems a bit repulsive to me now. I wonder if that is a good thing?

I have found a renewed interest in my Tae-bo tapes. I did the 30 minute workout on yesterday and walked about 1/2 mile. This morning I went to the grocery and got some fruits and vegetables for my new juicer I bought myself for Christmas. I got the Jack LaLanne power juicer. It is great! I love it. My old juicer was worn out. The blade was old and dull.

It takes 21 days to change a habit, so I must stay strong for the next 20 days. My goal? I would love to be in this suit by the summer.

This is my goal that I am working toward. To get into this suit. I might post a picture of me now so that I can see the progress. I will have to get the digital camera out. That will be for later this week. I will also need to get on the scale to get a beginning weight. That will be for tomorrow. Happy Year All! It is a new year and a new day!

You can chase a butterfly all over the field and never catch it. But if you sit quietly in the grass it will come and sit on your shoulder.


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