Wednesday, January 31, 2007


A 4 DONUT KIND OF DAY!  That is what it has been for me today.  The manager bought in donuts and they are sitting on the desk next to mine, not even five feet away.  And to top it all off, they are not even the kind of donuts I like.   They are Dunkin Donuts.  The worst in the world.  I had Dunkin Donuts.  I think it is the chocolate.  I can only eat the chocolate glaze.  I might be PMS’ing. I am not sure.  It is something about that chocolate which is drawing me in like a magnet.  There are now 2 chocolate ones left and they have the sprinkles.   I am not a sprinkle person so hopefully that will end the donut fest I have had this morning.  The bad think is that I have eaten about one an hour and it has not made any difference in the size of my hunger.  I am still starving!  I will go out and get a nice lunch.  I think something with lots of vegetables and some liver.  I would love some liver and onions.  There is a cafeteria style restaurant close to work.  I think I will go there.  They have that on the menu –liver--several times a week.  I hope it is today.  If not, I will get something else nutritious.    That will be my only other meal today.  Chocolate has a lot of calories that I have to spend down today.     

A 4 DONUT KIND OF DAY.  Man it has not been a good day.  My only saving grace is that I have drunk an entire liter of Perrier water.  I love that and I can go thru 3-4 bottles a day at my desk. 

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