Friday, July 28, 2006


Well this week I have been really monitoring what I have been eating. I have tried to have one starch this whole week and it was a potato on Wednesday night. Boy was it good. Even ate the skin. Other than that it has been seafood and veggies. I have decided to give the apple cider vinegar a chance. I went to the grocery store and bout a small bottle during lunch. Now I did not have a spoon so I just opened the top and took a big swig and swallowed. Burning, burning ball of fire. That lasted for about 2 minutes then all was well.

After that I drank my lunch: a Berry Boost Smoothie by Bolthouse Farms. It was good. Now I feel full. I do not know if it was the smoothiewhich was a small one, or the vinegar. It think it was the vinegar. I felt flushed and warm soon after that big swig. Now I just need to figure out how to add some more visit to the gym into my daily routine. Oh such fun!

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