Saturday, May 06, 2006

Boot Camp Update

Well, I have been doing the new bootcamp dvd by billy Blanks.  So far so good.  I actually feel like I am getting a workout.  I do not feel after those tapes like I feel after pilates.  It is mainly calethetics and it reminds me of the aerobic classes of the 1980's where eveything was high impact.  The bootcamp is not high impact, it is just intense with those bands.  I feel like I have been worked over.  So far I am doing it twice a week and hope the work unto the more and to the 2nd in the three disc set.  The first one is just the beginning boot camp.  Billy is not playing around!  He means serious business. 
I have also been drinking more water to flush some of the fat away.  I also have been sticking to the Shangri-La diet.  It is amazing how that canola oil will knock out my appetite.  It is kind of wierd.  So farso good.  I feel lighter overall but I have not lost any pounds according to the scale.  That is coming.  I can feel it.
I have been seeing all sorts of new clothes that I like.  Good fashions.  However, I am determined not to buy any more clothes in the size I am now.  So until I loose a little no more clothes.  I refuse.  I have so many clothes from before I had my child that I do not want to get anymore.Plus I feel that by not buying any more clothes, I will be forced to do something with this weight or I will be wearing the same thing over and over.  That get's old.  So for now I look on line and in catalogs and dream of those smaller, cute clothes that are so fashionable now.  
Boy!  What a struggle.  A second on the lips, a year on the hips.  My metabolish seems to have slowed to a standstill. I do not eat a lot of bad stuff, it is that I am so sedentary with working long hours and sitting all day at a computer.  Motion.  I am determined to be more mobile.  I still have yet to use my new bike that is still taking up a lot of room in the kitchen.  That will happen next week or so.  If the price of gas keeps going up, I might consider riding my bike to bible study on monday nights as a habit.  I work too far away and over bridges to ride to work.  Bible study is at a church member's house, about 3 miles away one way.  The will be good to do in the summer. 
Today will be a walking day.  I am working today but will try to walk a few miles when I get off work..        

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