Sunday, April 23, 2006

A Sunday Full of Danish

It was not such a good day today for food.  I had to work so I ended up having a fried danish for breakfast with green tea.  I bought three since the bakery had to have a sale of at leat $5.00 to run a credit or debit card.  With the 2nd one I had coffee.  For lunch I did just a litte better.  I had broccolli and tortellini salad and 6 BBQ chicken wings.  I did do something that was worthwhile.  I did go to T. J. Maxx and found a pilates band workout by Everlast for $7.00.  I did but it.  My excersize "things or devices"  are multiplying rapidly.  However, they get used infrequently.  Man is it hard.  
I am still reading the diet book I got inthe mail.  I plan to start on tomorrow.  I have my canola oil and sugar for sugar water ready.  Shangra La it is!         

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