Sunday, February 26, 2006

What am I ? Chopped Chicken Liver?

Well, lunch today consisted of another trip to the deli at the organic food store.  I just love their food.  Everything tastes so good there.  I found a buffalo chicken wrap that I had not tried before.  It was great.  Lo carb and just enough spice.  Not too hot.  It was followed by 18 ounces of water and that sinful creme brulee.  I saw it and just had to get another one.  Man is it good.  So light,  like I did not really eat anything at all.  While I was there I saw some chopped chicken liver.  I got 1/2 pound of that.  I tasted a sample and it is heaven.  I am perhaps one of the few people that I know who loves chopped chicken liver.  It makes great sandwiches.  I love it on crackers too.  That will be dinner.  Chopped chicken liver, some veggies steamed, dried fruit and more water.         

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