Sunday, February 26, 2006

Food Choices!

I have not done too badly with food choices recently.  I have been eating lots of dried fruit and organic foods.  I have actually felt better.  Now last night my best friend came into town and we ate at Ruby Tuesday's.  (Certainly not organic.)  I had the ribs with potatoes and broccolli.  It was good but the portions were too big.  I only ate about a third of my food. I had not seen her in about 2 years or so.  She looked the same but I was changed.  I had always been thin but now I am not.  She told me she joined Curves about six months ago and has been religiously drinking her water and can tell a difference.  She said she has lost about 19 pounds.  She has never seen me other than thin so I was fearful of her seeing me now.  But I guess she is my friend regardless. I tried to put that fear out of my mind and it finally went away. 
Has anyone tried Fuze?  They are a collection of teas, juice blends and refreshers that I have only seen at the organic food stores.  They cost about $2.39 a bottle for something about the size of a large coke or just a little bigger.  It is worth it.  I feel better when I drink them. They have 90 calories.  Today when I went to the Fresh Market, Fuze was actually on sale!  Can we say YEAH!!!!!  For $1.00.  All the really good choices were gone.  There were a lot of diet Fuze left.  But I did  get a flavor I had not tried before.   It was Banana Colada.  It takes just like a pina colada without the alcohol.  Yum! 
I must confess I had a little bit of a backslide.  I saw creme brulee in the dessert cooler and just had to get some.  It was small.  About 1/3 cup worth.  It was heaven on a spoon.  I wonder how many calories was in that?  For dinner I bought some more dried fruit.  I guess I will eat that.  I am debating if I really want to go out and get a dinner.  I have a hankering for steak from Long Horns.  They have the best steak.  After those ribs I felt bloated.  I had not had any real meat in about two weeks.  I had had alot of beans and fish and hummus. 
Hummus.  There is nothing better in this world than hummus.  I love it.  That can be a whole meal for me.  Hummus on crackers or a hummus sandwich.  Hummus.  Hummus. Hummus.  Food.  Such a quandry!  I feel lighter.  All those veggies, hummus and organic foods.  It can get a little boring but I do want to be able to get into a swimsuit of my choice this summer.  And not the one I have had for the past 2 years.                     

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