Wednesday, December 28, 2005


I had a cold last week and went to the doctor. Of course I had to get on the scale. It is one of those seemingly unecessary things that all doctors do. It seems unnecessary because what does your weight have to do with going to the doctor for bronchitis, or a stomach virus or the gynocologist? Maybe not all doctors need to do this. Nevertheless I was totally disgusted with myself. I had gained 9 pounds. Holiday eating. I came home and stipped down to my underwear and bra so that I could get a good look at areas I needed to reduce in. Most of my fat is around the midriff area..stomach fat. Not so much dunlap disease but a round upper stomach. That is very bad as that is the hardest to loose and the most dangerous in terms of heart disease and other ailments. The war is on.

Since that time I have been totally focused on eating less. I heard that you are supposed to leave 20% of all foood on the plate. No more clean plate club. I have started this. My mom has noticed and she gave me a lecture on wasting food. I did not bother to explain it to her. What I did say was that if I pay for a meal out it is now mine to eat, take home, throw away or do anything I want with it. So if I choose not to eat all of it, so be it. It is mine to do so. She did not get it. She continued to say that me not eating all my food was wasteful and I began to say that what she was arguing about was totally insignificant in the grand scheme of things. Who cares what adults leave on their plates at dinner time? We may care about the kids not eating vegetables or something like that but me? It was totally ridiculous!

Then the word sabotage just lept into my train of thought. Can she be doing that? I am not sure but that dinner ended on a sour note with me yelling that her getting all over me for being wasteful was crazy and ridiculous. Who cares? First of all why is she watching what everyone is eating or not eating? Why is she not focused on enjoying her own meal? Why is she watching what I eat?

I was reading an article on line that has some very interesting things on liver cleansing and juicing. I have a juicer and when I use it I do actually feel better. This article also went over some of the benefits of garlic and flax seed. I have a big bag of flax seed in the refridgerator. The section on parasites is just downright scary. It tells how most of us have them and they can be undetected even if we have them , but they are there getting all the best nutrients from the food we eat first. We should all have a liver flush to be sure everything is out

You can chase a butterfly all over the field and never catch it. But if you sit quietly in the grass it will come and sit on your shoulder.

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featuredwater said...

I know that you do not know who I am in the same boat as you when it comes to weight. I have wonder also why they have to weigh you every time you see the doctor. Well after they told me i needed to loss aome weight and then last year I went off to college and most people gain fifteen pounds and I lost fifty. that was really cool all i really did was eat at meal times and I walked a lot. Just take the weight loss slow. lossing to much at one time can not be good.