Saturday, March 14, 2015

Dinner: Wilted Kale and Asian Chicken

Deciding what to cook day in and out can be a chore but I have decided to really let the spices do the talking.  Simple meals with lots of flavor are what I am trying to make now.  Quick, easy with lots of flavor.  Today I will be making this exact meal except for the meat.  Pictured here is shark steak seasoned with Asian spices.  Today I am making it with baked, Asian chicken instead. 

My most favorite thing on this plate is the wilted kale.  I use the same recipe whether it is for kale or chard.  It always turns out great and my child loves it!  She even asks for seconds when it comes to the vegetables. 

To make wilted greens all I do is first saut√© onions and sweet peppers until they begin to sweat. I use either olive or coconut oil.  Then I put in the greens and strip as needed until they are wilted and they shrink down.  It is amazing how a large bag wilts down to just a few cups.  If there are a lot of stems which sometimes occurs with the plastic bags of kale, I may even add about 1/2 of water and let them simmer for about 15 minutes until they get tender.  I do let the water all simmer away because I want the wilted flavor of the greens to be there.  About 25 minutes later, a great wilted green dish. 

The rice is the jade pearl rice.  It is green because it is infused with bamboo juice.  So, the rice, wilted greens and Asian's what's for dinner today! Happy eating!

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