Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dark Spot Corrector

Having African American skin, I am no stranger to dark marks.  It is the nature of our skin to show blemishes and scars for a very long time.  Forever, if you do not do anything about it.  When I was a teen I was plagued with oily skin.  With oily skin came some acne and blemishes and dark spots that would not go away.  I masked and exfoliated to no avail.  I was just oily.  So for years I suffered because each little pimple that I got left a dark mark.  I used makeup but if I was having a bad break out it did not help.

Then I began to see ads in Ebony and Jet magazine for skin lighteners.  I began to wonder if they would work on lightening and evening out my skin tone.  I tired them.  They did work but it took a long time.The main brand I used was Porcelana Fade Cream.  It worked but it had a bad smell.  I am not sure what was in it but one of those chemicals was most smelly.  Almost like sulfur.

Today dark spot correctors have come a long way.  I have not used a product like that in years because my skin has moved from oily to combination and blemishes now are few and far between.  I have just heard of a new product called Luminaze. It actually breaks down melanin to improve evenness of the skin and diminished dark spots within seven days.  That sounds amazing.  I know that is nothing like the smelly cream I used to use. It can even be used daily with no irritating effects.

How exactly does this dark spot corrector work?  Well, that is an amazing story.  The enzymes that make Luminaze work are actually harvested from mushrooms that grow high in the Alps. The bark around these mushrooms were devoid of color.  These are the powerful ingredients that break down the melanin in our skin that caused the dark spots.  That is all these enzymes do so they target just the problem areas.

If you are having trouble with blotchy skin and are looking for a dark spot corrector be sure to give Luminaze a try.  It is ready available at major retailers like Nordstrom and The Bay.  It is also available on line as well.  Fade creams have come a very long way than the smelly creams of old that I grew up with.  Luminaze is patented and clinically proven to work better than any prescription fade cream on the market today.  So don't hide that pretty face.  Cleat it up the fast and easy way!

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