Sunday, February 19, 2012

Atlanta Drug Rehabilitation

Let's start with the stars.  People like Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Lindsey Lohan, McKenzie Phillips and many, many more.  These are all the rich and the famous who are addicted to drugs or have had lives lost, ruined or changed because of drugs.  For every one  famous person there are probably many more average citizens who have been drawn into the evil web of drugs. Some of them live in the poorest neighborhoods and some live in the affluent areas of town as well.  Drugs are everywhere in all ages and salary ranges, from the rural areas to the cities. One of the bigger cities near me is Atlanta and I used to live there.  I was never around anyone who was wrapped up in the drug world but you knew it was there.  You only had to watch the news to realize that.

There is help for those who are addicted regardless of how they got that way. If you are in need of an Atlanta alcohol rehab facility and would like to remain anonymous, there is a place called Bradford Health Services in Birmingham that has been around for the past 30 years that offers alternative inpatient care for those living in the Atlanta area. Birmingham is just 150 miles outside the city and is easily accessible via the interstate.

The care given at the Bradford is in patient but it does not stop there.  They use a "continuing" care model that follows the patient even after they leave the facility.  Many Atlanta drug abuse rehab centers are now based on this model as well.  The program offers various treatments and plans to meet the individual needs of the patients and their families.  A 12 step program is used in individual, group and special treatment.There are also adventure based programs to help build trust, teamwork and self esteem.

Special extended care programs include but are not limited to a Women's Relapse Prevention Program, a Trauma Recovery Group and a Grief and Loss Group. Atlanta Drug Rehab is also very affordable thanks to Bradford.The professional staff is dedicated to measurable treatment outcomes that can help the addicted reclaim their lives from drug addiction.  If you are in the Atlanta area and you or a loved one needs help, consider Branford.  There is hope and it can be found at Branford.

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