Sunday, November 18, 2007

Ink is an Annoying Thing!

For me ink has always been an annoying thing! I always seem to be running out of it at the worst times. Times when I need it the most! I could be in the middle of pringing a picture or a card or just writing a letter and streaks! It drives me crazy! I never seem to have any extra around either, so when I run out, all work on whatever I was attempting to print stops. I have to go out to the store and get new ones. In the beginning I used to rely on memory to remember what HP number it was..94, 97?? I always got it wrong. Then I began to write it down. That made a world of difference. No more going back home to look at the empty cartridge and then making a 2nd trip to the store. Ink for the printers has been a challenge for me!

If only I had consulted Cartridge Finder. I would have saved myself an extra trip. It is so easy to use. Just select the printer brand and scroll to yours and select the printer model. Once you select it, print on the link and all the ink that machine takes will be displayed. How easy it that? You can even do a price comparison by putting in you zip code. That will allow you to get the best deal on ink cartridges. They are pretty expensive!

This site is just not for printers. You can find cartridges for faxes and copiers as well. They make it easy to find the much needed cartridge and gives the assurance it will be the right one. With goals like that, they strive to keep your office running like a well oiled machine. They provide the knowldge needed for you to network and get the supplies that you need. Cartridge problems! Not any more. Eliminate them by checking out Cartridge Finder! They will be able to fill your every need when it comes to ink!


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