Saturday, July 28, 2007

Spa Treatments Defined: Salt Glow

Recently I went to Bath and Body Works during the semi-annual sale and stocked up on body exfoliants. I bought sugar and salt glows. Yum! Now you can do these at home as I will but it is nice to have the salt glows done at a local spa. It is so nice to be pampered. If you cannot afford or have the time to get to a spa, then the do-it-yourself at home version is just as nice with a partner.

So...what exactly is a salt glow? A salt glow (also known as a salt scrub or sea salt scrub) is just about the most popular offering at most spas. It would be my first choice. Who does not want skin that feels like velvet? It is the ultimate in exfoliation. A salt glow also hydrates your skin because the salt is combined with aromatic oils like lavender or citrus.

If you go to a spa to have this done, you most likely will be on a massage table in a room with a shower. The technician will do the exfoliation one one side of your body first and then you will turn over so that the other side will be done. Once she is done, you will rinse off in a shower. It could be a regular shower or a vichy shower. Either way, just rinse. Do not soap up as that will wash away the beneficial oils that have just been worked into your skin.

I have one tip: All therapists have different pressures as they massage. Some can really work you over. The salt used in the salt glow is course so, if your skin is sensitive, be sure to speak up and let the massager know. You don't want to leave red and irritated. That defeats the whole purpose. On that note...let me go get out my new salt glow. I am going to get skin like velvet in the next 30 minutes!

You can chase a butterfly all over the field and never catch it. But if you sit quietly in the grass it will come and sit on your shoulder.

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TitansFan said...

So this is what my wife was talking about. She told me that they are getting this Vichy Massage Table. The way she described it was kinda vague and I think you cleared things up. Is this type of massage very common in the states? Cuz I’ve never heard of it before.