Friday, July 27, 2007

Home Remedies for Yeast

Although it's not a common or a traditional cure, there is a very huge quantity of people stating that this particular treatment as done wonders for them. Whether it's for getting rid of burning, itching, rash or vaginal discharge, yogurt remedies are used by more people than you might think to get rid of those problems.

Of course this treatment is not conventional, it's messy, it can drip, for some people it came seem silly, but the fact is that thousands and thousands of people are using it everyday as their number one treatment to get rid of yeast infections.

This yogurt yeast infections remedy can be done in many ways. The first of which is to use a plastic speculum to open the vagina whereupon you can coat the vaginal walls.

Another method is to use a tampon. All you need to do is to coat a tampon in the unsweetened yogurt and insert into the vagina. This takes care of the whole situation most effectively. Try this for instant relief!

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