Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hit Weddings

Wedding Planning can be a chore, if you do not have the right tools to help you. I know, I had a co-worker of mine who began 2 years before the wedding. She lived day and night with her wedding planning book with her. She looked at it at least every 2 hours and made calls. It her wedding was not perfect, I do not know whose was! She was most obsessive.

If your special day is approaching, count on Hitweddings to help ease the pain of planning. They offer tips from planning to favors to the reception. They can even help you pick the place to get married. It is all about location you know! Something that I think is great is the 10 steps to writing your own vows. This is a great guide and even if you do let the minister chose, at least you would have the chance to make an educated choice not to write your own.

Be sure you check out the site because there is even a wedding blog that can be a resource for would be brides, as well as grooms. If you need a little help planning your wedding, check out the points and tips to be sure you have a "hit wedding!"


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