Monday, May 07, 2007

Shopping and Saving!

Normally I love to shop. I went to the outlet mall this past weekend and saw lots of cute things in sizes that are slightly smaller than what I am now. Depression! I am determined not to spend anymore money on clothes that are the size I am now. No more. I have lots of clothes in my closet that are smaller sizes that I never got rid of. My hope is to get back into them. I am slowly doing that. With summer soon to be here I may need to buy a swim suit that will fit. The one I had I just threw out. It was about 5 years old and the chlorine had faded it out. It needed to go.

Now if you are a shopaholic like me you will also be all about the coupon codes that will save you money! I love that. Right now because I am not at my ideal weight I would need to shop at Lane Bryant to get a suit that would look decent. No sausage rolls for me in a suit that is too small. I see this suit as a short term investment so any savings I could get on it would be fantastic. Right now they are having a spring sale and the swimwear has just come in! So I will be checking them out and using the online coupons.

Specifically, Lane Bryant is one of the many stores to choose from that has sales and coupons for your benefit. Right now they are having some great deals. Just added today they are having $20 off on orders of $60 or more. Mother's Day is right around the corner with 20% off on Mother's Day gifts. In addition there are also internet only specials that you will not find in the stores. Be sure to check out those Lane Bryant coupon deals!

Now that is just one store at CouponChief. There are over 1,000 stores to shop at and there are wonderful coupons for all of them. Some have coupons you can print, others have coupon codes to use at the check out page. Shopping at the site is easy as you can find stores by name or by catagory of items you are shopping for. Shopping and saving could not be easier. They have recenly made it easier to scan coupons and have added in helpful how-to screens for some of the top merchants like Amazon, Best Buy, and Gap. So get out the plastic, get your coupon and save a little when you shop. It will be worth it!

You can chase a butterfly all over the field and never catch it. But if you sit quietly in the grass it will come and sit on your shoulder.

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