Saturday, April 21, 2007

Lost Cables

I recently moved and I tried to keep all the wiring and things together with each appliance. So far with the unpacking I have had several lost cable episodes. The first was that I could not locate the cable that connected the printer to the computer. Finally I did find that in an unlikely box. I wonder how it got there. Next. I can't find the cable that allows me to connect my digital camera to the computer and download pictures. I am still looking. I got desperate so I went to Office Depot and got a new one for $30.00. I am still looking. I want to take that back if I can find mine.

Worst of all is that I put my TV in storage and am using my mothers. Her TV is old and does not have the 3 holes that will allow the DVD to connect. She has one line in for the cable in the back. Now I have to figure out what sort of adapter I need so that I can connect the DVD to the TV with the cable. I am fearful of the cables not being quite long enough. The way things are set up, plugs and appliances are far apart. Old houses have limited plugs to outlets. The fear of not having a long enough cable can be eliminated with HDMI Cables.

With the longer cables you are actually adding them at the end of your existing cables as opposed to the beginning. So you are boosting the signal at the end rather than the beginning. This allows you to have a strong signal up to 60 meters. They have cables for just about every electronic thing you may have in your home today. I'm talking I-Pods and computers and home theaters and Raritan products. The company sells both commercial and residential appropriate HDMI Switches. Everything else needed is available as well: cables, adapters, and signal repairers for long distance HDMI Cable runs (equalizers) .

So don't do what I did.. stress about my cables. They are replaceable and easily done so by a company dedicated to supplying all your cable needs.


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