Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Toys of Boys

(There might be a girl or two interested in bikes.) Do I know anything about street bikes? I know not a thing. I do know just what I have seen on the television... I have seen some extreme sporting events that involve those bikes. I have enough trouble just riding my regular bicycle, let alone a bike that does street bike stunts! When I really think back, I can only think of Evil Knievel as the only person of my childhood who was into stunt bikes. He was amazing in his time. Could be he called the father of street bike stunts? He jumped long distances on his motorcycle. The bad thing is that it seemed to always result in injury. Today things seem different. There tends to be some sort of rules and regulations for this sport. Thank goodness.

There are ways to get more knowledge about this sporting event via Stunt Life Forums. With over 54,000 members, Stunt Life has been the most popular discussion forum for stunt bike riders since 2002. There are even picture galleries where proud stunt bike parents can show off their bikesters. I saw a post where you can get tips on building your own bike with pictures. That post was called stunt bike building 101 . There was even a post on shoes that sparked. You know those people are living on the edge! Now some of the responses to that question about where to get the shoes that sparked were funny. Here is the funniest, "You cut the buttom of the shoes out, wear toe rings and drag your toes, they'll spark."

The stunt bikes are not just the only thing there are topics on. They run the full gammet from bikes, to ATV's to minibikes. You can even get outfitted there. People are even selling their bikes there as well. Within the forums there are even stunt groups that have been formed to that people of the same interest can network like the Regional Rider Meetup. Regular stunt events can be posted on a calendar so that all can keep abreast of what is happening. There is even an arcade. So even gaming needs can be met there. Interested in Stunt Bikes? Like living on the edge? Well, be sure to register and join in free of charge. The Stunt Bike forums is a happening place for those infected with the stunt bike gene.


You can chase a butterfly all over the field and never catch it. But if you sit quietly in the grass it will come and sit on your shoulder.

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