Thursday, February 08, 2007

Silver is Bling Bling Too!

You know I never really thought about investing in silver. Growing up my mother used to say that silver was a hceap metal. I used to think it was a lesser metal. It was not until I became an adult that I grew to buy a little silver and really come to love it. I love it in the summer time. It is cool and adds sparkle on a hot summer day.

Silver is also cool as an investment. This is a good time to buy silver. World demand for silver now exceeds annual production. Who knew that? Now this is the reaon why it is a good investment. The government must have thought it was a lesser metal as well. The U. S. was the largest stockpiler of silver on the planet Recenlty it has dumped billions and billions of ounces of silver bars onto the world market, effectively depressing silver prices. Today, that government silver hoard is gone . . . and now the U.S. government is a silver buyer. For these reasons, silver bars represent an outstanding investment opportunity. We used to hoard of silver and now it is gone.

Silver coins are a great way to buy silver. Coins are offered in American Silver Eagle coins, offering a .999 fine investment grade purity. Silver coins remind me of my brother. When we were very small and the tooth fairy was real, we would always wish for "silver money." We did not want pennies. Always silver money. So silver has always had some worth.

Buying silver to expand your financial porfolio is a relatively easy process. You make a call to the professionals at Monex Deposit, decide what you want to buy, the consultant confirms your purchase and a bank draft later, you have some silver coming your way. There is a slight holding period...I guess to be sure all the money transfer are completed and you are on your way to expanding you investments with silver.

You can chase a butterfly all over the field and never catch it. But if you sit quietly in the grass it will come and sit on your shoulder.

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