Tuesday, February 27, 2007

My Oscar Favorites

Some of my favorite movies actually won. Pirates of the Carribbean won for best visual effects. That is one of my favorite movies. Babel won for music. The music is great and I even went to Barnes and Noble last weekend and almost bought the CD. I went to the movie and was dissappointed. It was not Oscar quality work for Brad Pitt. I really want to see the Last King of Scotland. I will buy that once it is out on DVD. I might have to look now. It might already be out.

Belisi Blog: How to Look Like an Oscar Starlet? That is the question. Well it all starts with the gown. Designer of course. IT must be drop dead georgous. Then the shoes have to match. Beyonce looked beautiful and so did J-Lo and Jody Foster. Queen Latifah has blown up...time to step away from the table! To look good at the Oscars, everything must be perfect, hari, dress, shoes, purse. The entire package. The Diva's Dream gives the run down on their thoughts of how to look like a starlet. Check that out. It is an intersting post. Me? My big day is New Year's Eve. That is my one day to put on a fancy dress. That is my diva day. The Diva's Dream even says that we, the everyday woman, can look like a fashionplate even when we are doing laundry. I would be up for that. To be elegant and classy all the time. She gives us tips and the essetials needed to be an everyday oscar looking diva. Be sure to check them out. You might just find yourself with a little spring in your step with your elegant, classy eveyday look.


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