Sunday, March 12, 2006

Soybean Magic

Yesterday I went to the organic food store near me and I got some sushi for lunch.  The world is a great place when I can have sushi  and green tea.  The Fresh Market has a japanese chef, I guess, always there preparing fresh sushi.  I remember about a month ago I was there and they had all sorts of sushi packaged but not the kind I wanted. She actually made me some sushi to my liking on the spot.  I did not even have to ask.  I was just looking and was about to walk away since I did not see what I wanted and she asked me if what I was looking for was there. I told her no and she said she would make it for me.  That was great customer service.  I was just going to get a sandwich from the deli or a salad. 
Well, back to yesterday.  I got my plate of sushi for about $8.75.  It certainly is not cheap.  But oh sooooo good!  Next to it,  in little bags were beans.  I did not really look at the type of bean.  I assumed they were sugar peas.  They were labled:  "Boiled!  Eat beans just like boiled peanuts."  I got them also.  Now, you think boiled and I think tender.  Sugar peas are.  You eat the whole thing.    I popped a bean with 2 bumps inside in my mouth.  It was hairy and tough and I chewed and chewed.  Can we say begin to choke when when I tried to swallow a little bit.  I quickly spit that out.
I read the package again.  "Soybeans.  Boiled!  Eat beans just like boiled peanuts."  Well soybeans are a different matter all together.  Eat like boiled peanuts.  Why didn't that ring a bell?  You do not eat the peanut shell with boiled peanuts.  Well, I cracked open the soybean shell and then I had a delicacy fit for any king.  Boiled soybeans.  Wow!  Great!  They are  just like eating boiled peanuts.  Soybeans are very good for you so, I did not feel bad about eating the whole bag.  The bag was about 1/2 of a glad sandwich bag.  Maybe  two thirds of a cup of soybeans were in there.  They were about $2.49.  I may just have to get some for lunch again today.  They were good. 
They were so good in fact that I think I will have to buy some fresh soybeans and boil them myself.  Hopefully they will be cheaper that way.  It will be a great snack for my family as well.  One that I can feel good about.  Candy?  Soybeans?  Candy?  Soybeans?  I pick soybeans anyday! Yeap!  That was a little bit of soybean magic.                    

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